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The outsourcing of F&A operations is a must for firms in UK and USA due to non-availability or costly availability of trained and skilled manpower. The cost of manpower is very high and will go high in future, so a model has to be worked out in which a Chartered Accountant or CPA firms should retain staff for the clients at less costly countries to make the F&A operations feasible.

Technology has done marvel in this sphere and due to this employee sitting in other room or in other country work in same manner. With the help of our outsourcing model we can have more control over productiveness and give better quality results. We provide following services in BPO.

  • Accounting of receivables and payables
  • Payroll services
  • Record Management 
  • Budget preparation
  • Maintenance of fixed assets register 
  • Transaction and invoice processing system. 
  • Mortgage Loan processing 
  • Preparation of Balance sheet, Income & expenditure account, Profit and Loss account 
  • Project reports 
  • Analysis of financial data 
  • Party and Bank reconciliation statements 
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting in QuickBooks, SAGE, Peachtree, MYOB 
  • Review of Accounting systems and Procedures 
  • Preparation of Accounting Manuals & System Manuals






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